60s to Todays Rock Classics From

Both Sides of the Pond And Beyond

New in 2023, Wolff-Duo adds drummer Mark Longer on Cajon to ex-Londoner Steve Wolff's acoustic and "Almost Unplugged" solo acts, which have been entertaining audiences all over San Diego county since 2006.

Adding the Cajon to the acoustic-electric guitar gives a lively act that we call "Almost Unplugged" where we use loopers & harmonizers with both vocals & guitar into a small PA to give a rich, full hybrid sound.   Or we can play fully unplugged.

We play 60s - Today's rock classics from "Both Sides of the Pond And Beyond" including U2, Bruce Springsteen, The Kinks, Duran Duran, Joe Jackson, Tears for Fears, Supertramp and many more.  We have 4 sets of songs and are adding more all the time.  Feel free to check out our latest playlist.

If you're looking for smaller or larger acts, check out the Wolff-Solo and Wolff-Trio web sites.

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Almost Unplugged                    Fully Unplugged



Carruth Cellars, Solana Beach.         

5 ~ 8 PM

10/21/23:   Goli Pizzeria, Rancho Santa Fe

09/13/23:   Carruth Cellars, Solana Beach

08/26/23:   Goli Pizzeria, Rancho Santa Fe

07/19/23:   Carruth Cellars, Solana Beach

06/10/23:   Goli Pizzeria, Rancho Santa Fe

05/10/23:   Carruth Cellars, Solana Beach

02/15/23:   Carruth Cellars, Solana Beach

12/27/22:   Private Party



Goli Pizzeria, Rancho Santa Fe         

6 ~ 8:30 PM



McP's Irish Pub, Coronado       

8 PM - Midnight



La Mesa Wineworks, La Mesa       

6 - 8:30 PM